I am a woman who has recently entered motherhood and am struggling with the initial phase. I miss the wife I once was to my husband and it often scares me that I would lose him to a woman who is sexier and available at times when I am not. But then I see him loving me for giving him his children and I realise maybe at times we women just suspect our husbands for no reason whatsoever. It is not just us but they also struggle in their own ways. If we respect each other for the contributions and appreciate the inputs, marriage might not be as scary as it seems right now.



Someone who is cute and naughty

But always teases me moti


Someone who keeps on irritating me

But shares his dreams with me


Someone who laughs at my silly mistake

But on b’dae is the first to bring the cake


Someone with whom I always fight

But he always wishes me a sweet goodnight


Someone to whom I am dear

Who at times wipes my tears


Someone who now & then gives me a punch

But loves me very much


Someone who loves to think

And is with me every blink


Someone who understands my emotions

& so is full of instructions


No matter what you do or choose

I’ll be there with open heart

to listen to your talks and Obviously to scold U 😛



My loving brother,

I do love you, and I do care,

I’m looking forward,

To all those moments we’ll share

And to those we’ve shared.


From cries to first laugh

From toddle to first walk

From fighting fears to be courageous

From kindergarten to MBA

From struggles to success


The right amount of ghee in my Dal-chawal,

All my toys in the right place each day..

My meals full of my favorite goodies…

My uniform nicely ironed out,

My bed cover full of cartoons, to make my sleep sound …


The list goes on and on

I may be young

But I don’t need to be Old to know,

How special & Wonderful you are…

& to say a BIG Thank U :*

Love U Maa

Love me like …!!

Love me like I love watching rising sun

Love me like you love star gazing


Love me like I love spending time alone

Love me like your frnds are up on the list


Love me like U love dreaming of settling at a place

Love me like I love nomadic life


Love me like U love being perfect and stable

Love me like I love being crazy and mad


Love me like U love getting drenched in rain

Love me like I love taking a walk on windy night


Love me like U love lazy Sundays

Love me like I love random trips


Love me like…Love me like…Love me like….

I love falling in love with you!!! ❤


Silence isn’t golden,

When everyday its’ widening the gap between us…

I’m afraid that I’ve hurt U

& that is something I never ever wanted to do…


I only wish there were ways to take back the pains…

I’ve caused.

I want to work things out between & end

This dangerous silence…


For whatever our problems,

I’m happy with you

Than without you….

Glad to be yours!! :)

Like the way you cheer me up

When I’m down and blue


Like the way you listen to me

When I need to talk


Like the way you be my strength

Whenever I fall weak


Like the way you give me faith

Whenever I feel insecure


Like the way you wipe my tears

Whenever I cry


Like the way you tell me that I’m beautiful

When I am at my worst


Like the way you call me & say ” I miss you”

when I feel alone


like the way when you sing random tunes

and look at me and smile


Like the way you treat me and hold me..

and I am glad to be yours.