Someone who is cute and naughty

But always teases me moti


Someone who keeps on irritating me

But shares his dreams with me


Someone who laughs at my silly mistake

But on b’dae is the first to bring the cake


Someone with whom I always fight

But he always wishes me a sweet goodnight


Someone to whom I am dear

Who at times wipes my tears


Someone who now & then gives me a punch

But loves me very much


Someone who loves to think

And is with me every blink


Someone who understands my emotions

& so is full of instructions


No matter what you do or choose

I’ll be there with open heart

to listen to your talks and Obviously to scold U 😛



My loving brother,

I do love you, and I do care,

I’m looking forward,

To all those moments we’ll share

And to those we’ve shared.


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