Bird fly

In the sky

And looking at them

I reason why


The earth is round

Men are so duty bound

Pollution is created by sound

When a thing is lost, it gets found.


Why cats can climb tree

Babies are so carefree

Why women go on a shopping spree

Why young children hop n skip in glee.


All these questions confuse my mind

The answers to these

Someday I’ll find.


Does DANCE really mean????

D for Disco

A for an Art

N for Natural

C for Cool

E for Eternal


Ask someone who is willing to dance,

To dance for the whole day long,

With no rest and no diet,

No sleep and no tight.

It can be so exciting that a

Mere sight of a person enjoying it

Can bring waves to even an old man’s soul.


It does not need a reason

It does not need an occasion

Dance for a day, dance for delight

Dance for month, dance for fun

Dance for year, dance for cheers

And dance for years to come,

But only for your dears.